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Closet Women Radio Show is dedicated to sharing HOPE in Christ through our testimonies. So be sure to tune in every Friday to hear how God is transforming lives and performing miracles even today.

What is a testimony? As a Believer of God, you have a powerful story to tell. Sharing how you overcame trials, tribulations and setbacks with the Word of God is a testimony where God gets the glory. Your testimony can help others overcome their fears and embrace their purpose with confidence and courage. 

 If you would like an opportunity to share your testimony on the Closet Women Radio Show, feel free to click the link below and provide your contact information or email us at  

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If you are being blessed by Closet Women Prayer Ministries and would like to sow a seed, we thank you.  It is our desire that we IGNITE women to pursue the treasure of an intimate relationship with Christ.


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Don't worry if you missed the live broadcast of the Closet Women Radio Show.  You can check out the broadcast videos and also SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel.

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